Scrap Car Parts Birmingham

It’s a sad day when you look out the window and see your old vehicle still sitting in your drive or on the street, knowing that the day has come – it’s only fit for the scrap yard.

Are you considering selling the engine in your old car?

You have that nagging feeling that maybe there’s some way you can squeeze a few more pounds out of it before you call for the pickup and have it towed to a scrap yard in Birmingham.

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks: the engine from the vehicle and some other car parts must still be worth something! Of course, you could dismantle them and try and sell some of the parts locally in Birmingham or on eBay!

Is there actually any money in it?

The financial return you could potentially gain from going through the trouble of removing car parts and selling them individually depends on several factors. The year of the vehicle itself, the rarity and demand for the car parts, and of course the wear and tear the vehicle has been through in its lifetime.

People these days aren’t keeping vehicles for anywhere near the amount of time they used too. Therefore the demand for car spares is much lower than it once was.

This naturally directly affects your ability to find an actual buyer for your used car parts.

Speaking of finding a buyer, you’re going to want to find one who is fairly local, in Birmingham, or at least in the West Midlands. The average price of used car parts might seem attractive until you consider the time involved and delivery costs.

If the thought of removing the engine from your car yourself and taking it to one of the scrap yards in Birmingham crossed your mind, consider that a car engine is primarily made up of common iron-based steel. Steel is one of the lowest valued car parts in today’s scrap and recycling market.

How difficult is it to remove the engine anyway?

In our experience, unless you’re a professional mechanic or serious automotive enthusiast, removing an engine and other major car parts isn’t a quick and simple task.

Having a professional mechanic or shop remove the engine and other major car parts for you will most likely run in excess of several hundred pounds and negate any practical financial reasons for removing the engine in the first place.

There was a time when engines would fetch a respectable price. A price that made it easy to justify the time and effort required to have an engine taken out. With the need for secondhand engines diminishing as more and more people lease vehicles rather than buy them outright, the chances of successfully finding a buyer for your old engine will be much lower than it once was.

So what do you do?

If you’re considering scrapping your old car, contact one of our local scrap yards. Birmingham residents wanting to scrap their old cars have used us for many years. If you live in Birmingham or elsewhere in the West Midlands, then you probably arrived at our site by doing an online keywords location search for ‘scrap yard near me for cars’ or ‘scrap cars’ or ‘scrap yard near me/car breakers‘.

So check out our website to learn how we scrap cars in Birmingham. We are experts at dealing with scrap cars, and you can use the ‘Contact Us’ page on our site to find out how much you can get if we collect your old vehicle.

We are professionals and will give you a receipt including our company’s VAT number when we buy your old vehicle.

Don’t forget to inform the DVLA that you have disposed of your old vehicle.

If you need any help getting rid of your old car – contact us!