Car Scrap Yard Birmingham

Sending your used car which has served you well through thick and thin to a scrap or recycling centre in Birmingham can be quite a hard thing to do. Though, with our professional scrap yards in Birmingham and surrounding areas, you can make sure that it is a smooth process that sees your old car in good hands.

We are premier vehicle recycling experts in Birmingham have many years of experience in scrapping cars and recycling car parts.

Our Birmingham scrap yards offer an opportunity to scrap your old car and its parts in an environmentally friendly manner. So your old car won’t be hurting the community or the planet and the car parts will be put to good use – and we pay good prices for old cars too!

What is the actual process to scrap a car?

You have your old car parked outside your home and are hoping to make some cash from the usable car parts, which might go towards buying a new car.

But exactly how do you go about scrapping your car? At our scrap yard in Birmingham, we understand that although we deal with scrap cars daily, for many other people it is something they have never done before. Most people have never visited a scrap yard before or even thought about scrapping their car.

So here is an explanation of what is actually an extremely simple process.

Vehicle Collection

Of course, we will need to collect your car. You can contact our Birmingham scrap yard or our other sites across the West Midlands.

Check out our website to see what our Birmingham recycling centre and other sites offer. Call us or use the ‘contact us’ form on our site to verify any information you need. You can also read testimonials about our customer service, prices, and vehicle models we deal with.

Like what you see? Then use the ‘contact us’ page to ask for a quote to collect and scrap your car. We respond quickly to all requests for quotes.

If you agree with the terms of service, your vehicle will be collected from your place and towed away to our licenced vehicle recycling centre.

The Scrapping Process

Then your vehicle will join the other scrap cars waiting to be processed. Our modern recycling centres remove any useful car spares which can be resold or recycled, dismantle major systems like the engine and brakes, and recycle scrap metal, aluminium and rubber car parts.

We will also remove all potentially dangerous fluids from the vehicle. This ensures the environmental surroundings are not contaminated by leakage into the soil.

Our experts thoroughly dismantle all scrap cars and parts like this to ensure recycling is maximised.

Payment and Certification

All vehicle recyclers in Birmingham and the West Midlands are regulated by local authorities. We also inform the DVLA that your vehicle has become scrap. And we will provide you with a COD (Certificate of Destruction).

Finally, the payment, which you have been looking forward to. Prices vary according to the make, model, year and condition of a vehicle. We offer fair prices for all vehicles, so you know exactly how much you will receive before deciding to go ahead with the scrapping process.

We will also give you a receipt detailing the transaction, for your peace of mind.

Contact one of our car scrap yards today and let us dispose of your old car ethically and legally – and pay you for it!