Car breaker in Birmingham

Do you live in Birmingham or the West Midlands? Are you the owner of an old car who can’t bear to let it go. Has it been sitting outside your home for ages? Maybe you’re always thinking about restoring it or selling some of the car parts.

When you finally decide to get rid of it, you’ll need to find someone in Birmingham or the West Midlands to remove your used car and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

So you may want to call a local scrap yard in Birmingham. At the very least, you’ll want to use a scrap yard Birmingham local authorities have licensed, and one that scraps vehicles ethically and legally.

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We are a legitimate car scrap yard

Not all ‘car breakers’ are legitimate car scrap yards in Birmingham and you should avoid those that are not so reputable or even legal.

We are licensed

All legally operating Birmingham scrap yards are regulated by the relevant local authority. Birmingham local authorities keep a public online register of all companies licensed to dismantle and scrap car parts. You can check on our registration there.

We are registered under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 and Vehicles (Crime) Act 2001 and hold a valid licence to buy and sell scrap cars and sell a full range of car parts at our yard.

Under the law, it’s a legal requirement that all scrap cars sent for scrapping go to an Authorised Treatment Facility. Any scrap yards Birmingham residents use should be licensed for such operations.

To avoid breaking the law, let us scrap your vehicle and recycle the parts. You can rest assured that our scrap yard is licensed to scrap your vehicle and its parts according to environmental guidelines for vehicle recycling.

We won’t charge to collect your car

It’s been a long time since vehicle scrapping was something car owners in Birmingham had to pay for. However, less than reputable vehicle recycling companies or those that deal in used car spares and car parts might try to charge unsuspecting customers for the privilege of picking up a vehicle – we don’t!

Remember, having your vehicle collected and scrapped is a service you should be getting paid for. Even very old cars are still valuable in terms of scrap metal, car parts, and other recyclable materials.

We pay you, and collect your car for free!

We don’t haggle

Prices for scrap cars, car parts, and scrap metal, in general, can vary quite a bit across the West Midlands. Prices for parts fluctuate because they’re dependent on the market for recycling metal, demand for specific parts, and how many people scrap cars.

It’s the same situation for people looking to buy parts. Prices for less common car parts are higher than prices for parts which are in abundance in most scrap yards.

So the prices we offer you are based on the weight of your car, and the make and model, and the potential demand for the range of parts that can be resold.

We give you a clear indication of our prices and the range of services we provide. You will get an obligation-free quote for your vehicle or parts. The amount we quote is what you will get – no last-minute changes in prices!

After all, we are sure that the last thing you want is to haggle over the value of your beloved used car or its parts.

We’ll give you a receipt

You will get a receipt when your vehicle is collected. The receipt includes your details, the collection address, and vehicle information such as the make, model, and registration number. The agreed value for the car will also be on the receipt, as well as the payment method you choose.

We’re not your local garage

A common scam, frequently used by disreputable mechanics, is to pretend your car is not worth repairing, but they’re interested in some of the parts. In this case, the mechanic usually offers to pay you for the vehicle and to take it to a scrap yard.

It’s been known for people to see their ‘scrapped’ car driving around, a few weeks later. This experience is more frustrating than illegal, but it’s still unpleasant.

We scrap your vehicle correctly according to the relevant environmental and government guidelines. Our service is professional!

Enquire online

If you found us by searching for ‘scrap yard Birmingham’ then you have found one of the best vehicle recyclers in Birmingham – you are in good hands!

Check out the ‘About Us’ page on our website to learn more about who we are. On our site, you can find all the information you need on vehicles/scrap cars we deal with. You can also use the ‘Contact Us’ form to ask for a quote on prices or further information.

You’ll hear from the DVLA

Soon after we collect your vehicle, the V5C/3 section of your V5C vehicle registration certificate should be sent to the DVLA. This is the ‘Notification of Sale or Transfer’ section; you should hear back from the DVLA within four weeks. If you don’t, call them.

If you’re in Birmingham and need an old vehicle removed, contact us today!